About West Island Menus

About Us

Our Objective

At West Island Menus, our objective is to make it as simple as possible for people to order food from the comfort of their own home, with the least amount of effort possible from restaurant owners. We take care of all updates, as we offer regularly updated menus and specials. To assure a large amount of traffic to the restaurant listings, the site has been optimized for maximum coverage in search engines. We also offer a traffic distribution algorithm, which allows less visited restaurant listings to be easier to find. That way, all restaurants will have the same coverage time and space. A restaurant is assured to have maximum coverage and a higher potential customer base.users visit restaurant listings organized by food type.

Features include:

  • Users can view a restaurant menu in the listing
  • Users can filter restaurants by order type and food type.
  • Additional Specials
  • Descriptions
  • Video Tour
  • Location via Google Maps
  • Opening hours and delivery options

Our Future Plans

Once the service is well established, West Island Foods will expand its services. We will incorporate an online ordering system, which will allow people to order and pay directly on the site.

- Eric & Stephane